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Tank & Vessel Cleaning

Great Lakes Tank & Vessel performs tank cleaning from small process tanks to million gallon bulk storage tanks.  We perform media blasting, welding repairs and install protective coatings in all size tanks and vessels.  We service all types of chemical, gasoline, caustic, acid and asphalt based products.    

Protective Coatings

We install all types of tank linings, floor coatings and dike containment coatings for any 

application.  From simple epoxy coatings to complex polyurea systems.  We install floor systems in prisons and schools to railcars and ISO intermodal tank containers.  We represent many coating manufactures including Sherwin Williams. 

Air Filtering & Baghouse

Our baghouse services include bag and filter changeouts, general maintenance, ductwork and structural repairs, testing, complete new systems and decommissioning of old equipment.  We go the extra distance to ensure you system is operating correctly. 

Welding Services

Our welding services include all types of metals and plastics.  We can perform repairs on stainless steel tank interiors and install welded plastic tank linings.  Our welders are confined space trained and equipped for any type of location.  

Media Blasting 

Media Blasting services include a wide range of media.  We can sandblast for heavy rust removal, walnut blast for restoring wood beams or dry ice blast thin metal walls to prevent damage.  We are equipped to dry ice blast and sandblast in confined spaces. 

Railroad Tank Cars

Great Lakes Tank & Vessel performs tank railcar cleanouts, hardened chemical removal including tars, asphalt products and chemicals.  We perform sandblasting, welding, paining and chemical resistant linings all in house.  We are currently expanding our services to include recertification and inspections.   

Commercial Painting

Our commercial painting services work hand and hand with our media blasting and welding services.  We can repair, clean and repaint, restoring you equipment to new condition.

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